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A Mom and Pop Store to Respect

What would towns and cities do without the mom-and-pop stores that have the needs of the communities within their walls? The butcher is a well-respected individual, and when people find a butcher they like and trust, they stick with them. That is why Country Butcher has been around since 1982. With the holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, and all the others, the meat market is the place to go for BBQs, cookouts, in-home meals, and any get-togethers. People are welcomed and encouraged to place their orders for the holidays at the meat market. There is a cheese shop and kitchen with other items in the market to fit everyone's needs.

Special Ordering

When customers place an order at the meat market, the clerk or the butcher will take the order and can assist with the menu as to what the customer is looking for to hold their gathering. Most places require no less than a week in advance notice to ensure enough time to order any items, cut, or cook any specialties needed. The best example is the biggest holiday of the year, Thanksgiving Day.

Usually, turkey and hams are the favorites for the meats. The customer can choose how they want the meat, whether whole or cut. Sides and desserts are other options they wish to serve, so they place the order and pick it up on the designated date.

Cheese and Wine for Entertainment

Some of the most extravagant home entertainment parties have cheese and wine for classic parties or gatherings. Inside the Country Butcher, the customers can enjoy choosing from over a hundred artisan-made cheeses. All selections come from across the world and are local and imported from some of the most famous farms, such as:

  • Amazing Acres Farm

  • Meadowset Farms

  • The Farm at Doe Run

The Deli Kitchen and Prepared Foods

Along with the butcher, we have chefs that prepare ready-to-eat foods that will please everyone. Here, our customers will find nothing but the best selections of meat, dips, pasta dishes, salads, seafood, and so much more. Our guests can bring a plate lunch home with them, or they can enjoy the environment of the country store setting in our café.

Everything our customers find in the deli is like a cafeteria setting where they can pick and choose what they want on the plate. There is even BBQ and pulled meats to make sandwiches for entrées and a wide selection of side dishes we are working on soon.

Nothing Beats the Environment

When people walk into our market, they are taken away back to a different setting that most would have seen decades ago. The hospitality is unmatched, and it separates itself from the primary food chain stores in a hurry to get customers in and out of their store. Imagine all-in-one for everything a person needs for their home gatherings or for those who just want to sit and chill for a little while.

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