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Country Butcher Is Growing To Meet The Customer Needs

For over 39 years, Country Butcher Fine Foods Market has been serving those of the Kennet Square area of Pennsylvania with some of the finest quality meats available, as well as some of the finest foods. Prime meats that are dry aged and grass fed can offer the best quality and taste. Now, Country Butcher offers quality meats and so much more for its customers. However, they still offer items that are locally grown and raised for their customers.

You can now enjoy a great tasting breakfast or lunch at the Country Butcher. You can even watch as their professional workers prepare your foods as well as the foods for others. Breakfast offers delicious pancakes, crepes, Belgian waffles, omelets and breakfast sandwiches. You can also choose oatmeal or freshly baked pastries. Cannoli, Tiramisu, cream puffs and tarts will be plentiful to meet your needs for something sweet. For lunch, you'll find soups, salads, wraps and paninis that you can order just the way you like them. Build yourself a hoagie that has all of the things that you love on it. You'll find nothing but the freshest ingredients for every meal you choose.

You'll love all of the fine foods that come from the deli and the selection of cheeses that they offer is out of this world. They have all of your favorite sandwiches, such as the Reuben, Italian Sub, Turkey Stuffer and more. You can eat it there or you can choose to take it with you. Imagine a hot roast beef or a hot meatball parm or even a gourmet grilled cheese that is going to melt in your mouth, all made with only the finest quality ingredients. Turkey, roast beef, smoked ham or pork can create a sandwich that will bring your tastebuds to life. The explosion of flavor is going to blow your mind.

The cheeses that are available will help you to create the best cheese trays or Charcuterie boards that you have ever served. Choices such as Prima Donna, Blue Stilton, Beemster Gouda and Racelet will help you create appetizers that your guests rave about. Add some jam, jelly and chutney to your trays and you've created a masterpiece. Breadsticks, flatbread and crisp crackers will have everyone enjoying your cheeseback selection.

Fine foods can be hard to find but the Country Butcher makes it easy. Lamb, slab bacon, smoked ham and 25 other cuts of custom meats help to create a meat case that you can't deny. Exotic meats such as bison, pheasant, and rabbit can also be purchased.

Fine foods that are fresh, tasty and delicious can be a part of your weekly grocery shopping list. You'll be able to serve your family and friends with nothing but the finest quality foods from Country Butcher.

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