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Specialty Foods From The Country Butcher

Kennett Square is lucky to have Country Butcher. They offer so many delicious specialty items and make it easy to have just what you want. You won't know where to begin when you shop at the Country Butcher. You can start at the meat market or you can go right to the cheese shop. You can even go to the kitchen, but you may want to go to the Deli. It's more than a butcher shop.

When you go to the kitchen first, you'll find so many great food items that are freshly prepared and just waiting for you to take them home. You might choose a tasty pasta dish or you might want the Chicken Chili. Both are great choices and sure to please. You can also enjoy the lump crab cakes or the Texas-style barbecue. If you are expecting guests for dinner but are short on time, the Country Butcher can help you out. You'll find delicious choices of entrees and sides that will allow you to serve your guests something special. Sliced roast beef, lasagna and pulled pork with sides of potato salad, roasted veggies or Cole slaw are a great start. You'll find that it's more than a butcher shop.

Don't miss the deli, you can enjoy turkey breasts, roast beef or roast pork that is always fresh. To satisfy your sandwich craving, you'll find the New York Rueben, hot roast beef, meatball parm and so many more.You can satisfy your hunger with a wrap or a panini as well. Signature items are also ready to go, such as pasta salad, broccoli salad and Orzo salad. You don't want to miss the deli section of the Country Butcher. It's more than a butcher shop.

The cheese is the bomb. You can purchase a Charcuterie board for when you are having friends or family over or for a special event. Try the Prima Donna, it's so smooth. You may also want to try the Blue Stilton or the Taleggio. There is a large variety of domestic as well as imported cheeses.

The Meat Market is going to blow you away with all of the choices they offer. Great cuts of meat like lamb, veal, pork and even slabs of bacon are always available. Exoctic meats are also available, offering bison, pheasant, rabbit and more. Of course, you can get your favorite steak too. They have the perfect ribeye, NY strip, porterhouse and others that are going to satisfy your beefy appetite. All of the meat is locally raised, which tells you how fresh it really is.

Not visiting the Cafe is not an option. If you don't, you'll miss some awesome breakfast sandwiches, Belgian waffles or fresh pancakes. Crepes, cannoli and cream puffs along with a slew of other desserts are always ready to go. Soups and hoagies are also just waiting for you to enjoy them.

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