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Fine Food Market

An Old World Butcher & Award Winning Gourmet Shop & Caterer In Kennett Square

Since 1982, Country Butcher has served the greater Kennett Square area with quality, locally raised USDA prime meats, and the DeRasmo family look forward to carrying on that tradition in our community. In addition to Country Butcher’s award-winning, fine food market & delicatessen, the Country Butcher Café is an excellent place to enjoy lunch or breakfast.

Country Butcher’s open kitchen offers customers a glimpse into the professional preparation of these delectable options -

  • Country Butcher’s Old World Butcher & Meat Market USDA prime meats and locally raised poultry including -

    • Artisan Sausages

    • Homemade Meatballs & Gourmet Burgers

    • Beef and Chicken Kabobs

    • Butcher’s Cut Steaks

    • Stuffed Pork Roasts & Chops

    • Locally made Scrapple

    • Slab Bacon

    • Smoked Ham, plus an assortment of exotic meats from which to choose





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